The brand new cafe, bar franchise designed to be affordable and makes your customers happy.

Felix is a prestigious food and beverage concept designed with maximum profitability and minimum investment cost.

Your felix investment in the right location will return to you within 2 years. You get a business that is profitable up to 70%. You have a professional team working for you in the background.

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What makes Felix so special?

Felix is a brand designed to be a solution to all your food and beverage needs, set out with an understanding of quality and profitability.

Felix draws attention with its understanding of determining the need according to the location and focusing on profitability with its unique solutions. We bring the most appropriate concept without compromising on quality.


Why Choose Felix

Felix was established with the aim of determining the most suitable and prestigious concept according to the location needs and providing the investors with maximum profitability and the fastest return on investment.

Street Food & Bar

This is the backbone of Felix created to be the most profitable cocktail dance bar with the minimum employee and crispy street foods designed to consume time and drinks for happy customers.

by Felix

Felix Burger

Designed for small square meter venues, our burger brand is a unique taste which is designed to be the best in the market. The burger menu has incredible crispy sides and Felix coffee

by Felix

Felix Coffee & Desserts

Designed for small square meter shops, our coffee shop comes to add style to the region with delicious desserts, milkshakes, smoothies and snacks.

by Felix

Felix Hookah

Felix hookah concept is based on modern, hygienic and profitability. Our concept, which integrates with Felix architecture, is designed to be the best in its region.

by Felix